Ayawaso Central holds Town Hall Meeting

Ayawaso Central holds Town Hall Meeting

According to section 12 of the Local Governance Act 2016, Act 936, the Assembly is responsible for the initiation of programmes for the development of basic infrastructure and provision of  municipal works and services in the Municipality, the overall development of the Municipality including the promotion and supporting productive activities and Social development in the Municipality.

          To this effect, the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly has organized a Town Hall meeting on the Public Financial Management Template from Monday 27TH June to Thursday 30TH June, 2022 at its Ghana Education Service (GES) and Ghana Health Service (GHS)  Conference Hall.

          Addressing some members of the public who attended the meeting, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ayawaso Central, Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Ababio Quaye stated that since the Assembly’s inception within this short period of three (3) years, has delivered improved services. “We as an Assembly have over these three (3) year period, prudently managed and utilized resources that have come to the Assembly”, he revealed. He continued that in 2021 for example, the Assembly mobilized Two Million, Eight Hundred and Sixty-one Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ninety-Three CEDIS, Forty Pesewas as its Internally Generated Fund (IGF) out of the Three Million, Five Hundred Thousand Cedis (GH3,500,000.00) targed, representing 81.7% in achievement.

          The MCE noted that the Government Transfers made up of the District Assembly common Fund (DACF), MP’S common Fund, the District Development Fund (DDF) and others received was Three Million, One Hundred and Fifty-Five Thousand, Fifty-Seven Cedis and Fifty-Four pesewas (GH3,155,057.54) out of the Nine Million, Four Hundred and Seventy-nine, Eight Hundred and Thirty Cedis and Twenty-five pesewas (GH 9,479,830.25) expected representing 33.3%.

          He explained that the resources were utilized among others to undertake construction of storm drains, construction of U-drains, maintenance of street lights, construction of fenced walls at selected basic schools, completion of 4-storey office complex for the Municipal Education and Health Directorates, classroom blocks for basic schools (including KG blocks), Disbursement of People Living with Disabilities (PLWD) component of common fund, Road Safety Projects, Procurement and Distribution of PPES for COVID-19 prevention, to mention just a few.

          Alhaji Mohammed said, these programmes and projects have contributed in reducing flooding in our communities, protected our school lands which are being encroached, provided efficient health care services, reduced road accidents, improved teaching and learning in our schools and enhanced environmental sanitation and supported our under privileged brothers and sisters.

          The MCE concluded by saying the Assembly is determined to work in the best interest of the citizens and therefore invited stakeholders to join him and his team to move Ayawaso Central forward. “You have a right to accountability from us, that is why we are here, but you should not forget that you also have a responsibility and duty to honor your obligations as responsible and patriotic citizens by paying your levies and ensuring that we have kept a good and well-kept environment in our communities. Our doors are widely opened to receive your concerns and suggestions”, he ended.

          A presentation of the 2021 Action plan was done by the Municipal Development Planning Officer, Mr. Philip Marfo Acheampong.

















“Greening Ghana” is a government initiative to preserve the country’s ecosystem and degraded landscapes. To this effect, the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly in collaboration with their NADMO Department has launched its Tree Planting exercise at the Abavana cluster of schools with the theme “Mobilizing for a greener future”.

Addressing the gathering, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ayawaso Central, Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Ababio Quaye stated that these trees have significant roles to play which are health implications. “God so good, he brought about these trees to give us some of the things we need to be alive”, he explained. He stated that as humans, we also need to give to the plants or trees the things they also need to be alive, therefore it is vice versa.

“So this morning, it is a significant agenda by the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to “green Ghana” by planting trees in most parts of the country  especially the Greater Accra Region which is the capital Town of Ghana.

The MCE continued that we came and met many trees around but our behaviors made them wipe out these plants. He explained that whenever we want to build a house, we make the plants useless by cutting them down and instead of planting another, we refused. He said those trees give us health and long life.

Alhaji Mohammed acknowledged all the teachers at the Abavana cluster of schools, present for the tree planting exercise. He noted that even though we already have lives now, we are prolonging our lives by planting the trees therefore we pray for long lives.

Close to 2000 seedlings was received from the Forestry Commission and planted at various places across the Municipality. The aim of this year’s Green Ghana day is to incorporate students in the Tree planting exercise i.e one student, one tree.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Quaye and the Education Director, Mr. Augustus Agyemfra took turns to address all present on the importance of the exercise and urged all particularly, the students to endeavor to nurture the seedlings and ensure their full maturity and growth.

The first planting for the day was done by the Municipal Chief Executive, Municipal Budget Analyst on behalf of the MCD, Municipal Education Director, Presiding Member, Assembly member, NADMO Director, student in that order.

The NADMO Director, Mr. Sylvester Kwakye solicited for the support of Community members, churches, schools, institutions and also urged persons interested in planting some of the trees to come to the Assembly for some plants to do so.

The exercise was organized by the Assembly and supported by the NADMO Department.












Acma Goes Traditional

Acma Goes Traditional

Acma Goes Traditional is a program that is established to promote our traditional made in Ghana outfits.

This activity involves all staff of Acma wearing their traditional clothing that depicts the tribes they come from. We can see that our way of dressing is gearing too much towards the western styles. It is time to promote made in  Ghana traditional wears for the world will see our rich and beautiful native outfits.

We know that every tribe have their unique way of dressing. These beautiful traditional wears can be worn to any occasion.

Every month of March, being the independence month and also wear Ghana month, let all staff in Acma dress to promote and express their traditional pride.

Annually, we are going to do this activity to promote made in Ghana traditional dresses.

These dresses are so colourful and beautiful that even foreigners  love to wear. So let us do all we can to promote our made in Ghana traditional dresses for the world to see.


















As part of the Regional Minister’s directive, the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly has undertaken a sensitization campaign on “Operation Clean Your Frontage” on the 1st February 2022 in their Municipality.

Speaking with the Media, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ayawaso Central, Alhaji Mohammed Quaye said, keeping our surroundings clean must happen naturally and shouldn’t be a compulsion. “However, it has become necessary to apply the law since we as a people have failed to do this on our own”, he stated.

The “Operation Clean Your Frontage” which aims to enforce sanitation regulation within the Greater Accra Region, is part of the Regional Minister’s initiative “Let’s make Greater Accra work” and is championed by the Regional Coordinating Council.


The MCE explained that residents who have their shops close to drains owe it a responsibility to clean the gutters regularly, the same way they sweep their shops, rooms and houses on daily basis. He warned residents with properties situated less than four feet from the gutter to shift backwards to allow for the mandatory pedestrian walkaway as prescribed by the Municipal bye-law. He explained to residents that they don’t need to wait for the official launch to observe good sanitation practices. “The way we bath our bodies everyday should be the same way we must keep our surroundings clean”, he said.

“The Community Development Unit trains 57 young girls from the Ayawaso Central Municipality “

“The Community Development Unit trains 57 young girls from the Ayawaso Central Municipality “

The Community Development Unit organized a five- day skills training for the youth within the Municipality. The activity which ran from 17th to 22nd December 2021 had 57 young girls participating. The training was organized mainly to help these young girls to obtain a handy work in order for them to be self-reliant.

The training was organized in three categories: Make-up, Decoration and Catering. 19 ladies got trained in make-up; 17 in Decoration; and 21 in catering. The training was held at Haavad Senior High School in Kokomlemle.

On the 23rd December 2021, a graduation was held for the participants at the Assembly’s fore- court which had the MCE and MCD in attendance. The participants were awarded with certificates of participation.










The National Farmers’ Day in Ghana is celebrated on the first Friday of December each year to recognise the contributions of farmers and fishers in the country. The Day is also envisioned to pay veneration to the importance of the farming and fishing industry in the socio-economic growth of Ghana.

This year farmers’ day celebration was held on Friday, December 3, 2021 at Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC) in the Greater Accra Region. This year marks the 2nd edition of the farmers’ day celebration for the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly. Its therefore remarkable as we gathered together to honour our gracious farmers.


The theme for this year farmers’ day celebration is ‘’Planting for food and jobs consolidating food systems in Ghana’’. This theme is an important paradigm from production led agriculture to market oriented and value addition. Making it possible for our farmers to plant not only for food but for sustained jobs that will afford our farmers a payback period for their hard work over the years.

The forces of change i.e. globalization agricultural market reforms in developing countries plus the industrialization of world agriculture pave the way for an increase use of contract farming as one form of institutional organization to bring about greater coordination in the agro food supply chain. The industrialization of Agriculture in developing countries is often shaped by different set of constraints and forces than those by developed world. As a result, one can see a diversity of institutional arrangement emerging in the developing world.

Present day consumers are demanding much more than choices, they also want quality, consistency and value. Much of agriculture therefore has to shift from a philosophy from here’s what we have produced to a situation where farmers take note of the consumer want.

Technologies are therefore abounding to make it possible to ensure that, agricultural and food products do have the characteristics consumers wants and therefore our farmers should take advantage of this available technologies.

Increased levels of processing, improved productivities, new technologies and market forces have expanded the range of products and food production has become an industrialized capital-intensive business that operates in a highly competitive and unpredictable global market.

Agriculture has therefore seen a move away from open market production and has become increasingly vertical.

The targeting small scale agriculture system is critical through new and innovative public-private partnership, increased private investment in research and extension system and development-oriented local governance and institution. This has been practicalised by the Government of the Republic of Ghana’s support through the PFJ, RFJ and PERD initiatives.


A total of 10 farmers (9 farmers and 1 Municipal A.E.A) were awarded for their immense contribution to the food security status of the Municipality.

Table 1:

Kindly find below the Names of Awardees and their various categories;

No: Categories Names of Awardee
1 Municipal overall Best Farmer Kelvin Lankai
2 Best Farmer-1st Runner Ahmed Ibrahim
3 Best Crop Farmer Abdulai Manbony
4 Municipal Best Poultry Farmer Andrews Ocquaye
5 Municipal Best Youth Farmer Nana Yaw Sarfo Asante
6 Municipal Best Home Gardener Tahiru Iddriss Osman
7  Municipal Best Livestock Farmer Bethel Yaw Larbi Asare
8 Municipal Best Institution St John’s ANT JHS
9 Municipal Best Woman Farmer Ibrahim Ayinahu
10 Municipal Best Agric. Extension Agent/Officer Mr. Jacob Aryee


Table 2:


S/N Award Category Items Received
1 Municipal overall Best Farmer Tricycle, Rambo 5000L Storage Tank, Wheel Barrow, knapsack Sprayer, Wellington Boot, Spade and Shovel, Cutlass, Transporting create, 2 bays Layer Mash, Disinfectant, Wheat bran, Wire Mesh, Fertilizers ,Transporting Crates, Personal Protective Equipment(PPE),Wire Mesh
2 Best Farmer-1st Runner Cheese freezer, Irrigation equipment, Water Storage Tank, Wheel Barrow, Knapsack Sprayer, Wellington Boot, Spade & Shovel, Cutlass ,Disinfectant, Agro Chemicals, Fertilizer, Harvesting Crates, Personal protective Equipment(PPE)  and Seeds.
3 Best Crop Farmer Table top fridge, Water Storage Tank, Wheel Barrow, Knapsack Sprayer, Fertilizer, Wellington Boot, Spade & Shovel, Cutlass, Agro Chemicals , Fertilizer, Wire Mesh and Seeds.
4 Municipal Best Poultry Farmer Water Storage Tank, Table top fridge, Seeds, Wheel Barrow, Knapsack Sprayer, layer mash, wheat bran,  Wellington Boot, Spade & Shovel, Disinfectant, Cutlass ,Agro Chemicals, Transporting Crate
5 Municipal Best Youth Farmer Water Storage Tank, Wheel Barrow, knapsack Sprayer, Wellington Boot, Spade & Shovel, Layer Mash, Wheat bran, Disinfectant, Cutlass, Bicycle, Agro Chemicals, Personal Protective Equipment and Seeds.


6 Municipal Best Home Gardener Water Storage Tank, Wheel barrow, Knapsack sprayer, Wellington Boot, Spade & Shovel, Wire Mesh, Cutlass, Agro Chemicals, Fertilizer, Seeds, Personal Protective Equipment
7  Municipal Best Livestock Farmer Water Storage Tank, Wheel barrow, Knapsack Sprayer, Wellington Boot, Spade & Shovel, Cutlass, Wheat bran, Wire Mesh, Agro-chemicals, Seeds, Disinfectant
8 Municipal Best Institution Water Storage Tank, Wheel barrow, knapsack Sprayer, Wellington Boot, Agro-chemicals, fertilizers, Spade & Shovel, Cutlass, Wire Mesh, and Harvesting Crates and seeds.
9 Municipal Best Woman Farmer Water Storage Tank, Wheel barrow, Knapsack Sprayer, Wellington Boot, Spade & Shovel, a piece of cloth, Cutlass, Agro Chemicals, Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) and seeds.
10 Municipal Best Agric. Extension Agent/Officer Laptop and a Table top fridge




Honourable Alhaji Mohammed Quaye , the Municipal Chief Executive of the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly in his address welcomed and congratulated all farmers and fishermen as well as in the Agricultural value chain for their contribution to the production of food to feed the nation.

He recommended that, there is a need to encourage and support our farmers to embrace new scientific methods and proper technologies to ensure sustainable food production and security to be able to meet the nutritional needs of the ever-growing population. Also, to be able to address for these concerns, the theme for this year’s celebration, “Planting for Food and Jobs; Consolidating Food Systems in Ghana” is appropriate and reflects the realities of today.

He stated that, the rate at which the population is growing and the rate at which food is being imported into the country, there is a need for us to eat what we grow. Therefore, we need to encourage private investors to channel their resources into the Agricultural sector to promote the production of our local food.

He further assured the farmers that government through the implementation of Planting for Food and Jobs Agenda would continue to make sure that the Agricultural Sector grow to raise productivity, income and create more jobs for the youth at large.

In conclusion, the Municipal Chief Executive gave thanks to the planning committee and congratulated the municipal award winners and even those who did not win awards not to relent in their efforts. The MCD through his address wish all present a Happy Farmers’ Day Celebration.









The Assembly Members of Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly has confirmed Alhaji Mohammed Ababio Quaye as the Municipal Chief Executive for a second term.

Alhaji Quaye who had been nominated by president Akufo Addo to serve another term, secured the votes of all 17 Assembly Members who are the 12 elected and 5 Government appointees in an exercise supervised by Electoral Commission Officials on Monday, September 17 in Accra.

In his acceptance speech, the MCE promised to work with all residents to ensure that development projects are brought to the Municipality. “To achieve this, I will continue to introduce more reforms to help improve the Assembly’s Revenue mobilization drive and also to aggressively tackle the menace of sanitation and crime related issues in the Municipality” he said.

Alhaji Quaye continued by assuring all of a transparent and accountable administration as well as teamwork in solving the challenges of the Municipality.

The MCE finally expressed gratitude to president Nana Addo for re-nominating him and the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey who is also the MP for the Ayawaso Central Constituency as well as the Assembly Members for the overwhelming endorsement.

The Presiding Member, Hon. Hudu Ismail who urged the Assembly members to vote massively for the MCE explained that Alhaji Quaye is not a new member in their midst, they know him very and it is also based on his hard work which earned him the re-nomination of the president.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr. Henry Quartey who doubles as the Member of Parliament for Ayawaso Central said he was optimistic that Alhaji Quaye would be retained but appealed to the Assembly Members to ensure that he received 100 percent of the votes.  “I plead with you Honourable Assembly Members, just make it one touch and a hundred percent”

The voting and declaration of results were conducted in 30 minutes with Alhaji Quaye being congratulated by the Regional Minister and all the Assembly Members after the results were declared.







Participants were welcomed to the Assembly’s Stakeholders consultative meeting on the 2022 fee-fixing by the director who urged them to participate actively. He then set the grounds for the commencement of the meeting.


The MUNICIPAL CHIEF EXECUTIVE in the person of HON ALHAJI MOHAMMED QUAYE in his address spoke about the success chalked by the assembly within its shortest time of existence which included the numerous projects undertaken, infrastructure, social intervention etc. He also spoke about the excellent performance by the Assembly in the recent MMDA League where the Assembly was ranked 16th out of 260 MMDAs in the country and 5th in Greater Accra out of 29 MMDAs.

The Municipal Budget Analyst highlighted and projected on a screen the developmental projects and social intervention programs undertaken by the Assembly to the Stakeholders with pictorial evidence, which included the construction of drains at Alajo Chief area, Alajo Pentecost church area, Quaye Mensah area, Asphalting of some roads i.e. Alajo main road, Alajo Black Meteors road, Mohammed Issahaka street etc.

Also projected was the completed Children’s Hospital at Abavanna, construction of school and provision of furniture to some selected schools in the Municipality.


Also displayed were some social intervention programs such as Aid to Persons with Disability (PWD) by disbursing items like sewing machines, Fridge, Deep freezers, Mills and items to enable them start up a business.

Farmers in the Municipality were also supported with the provision of seeds, fertilizers etc and vaccination of dogs against rabies in the Municipalities.

The MBA said all this projects and social intervention programs were undertaken with the rate payer’s monies, she further entreated the stakeholders to always settle their rates to enable the Assembly carry out more developmental projects and social intervention programs in the Municipality.

Discussion on the fee-fixing was very interactive.

The Presiding member later thanked the stakeholders for honoring and attending the meeting, he assured them that their complaints, suggestions, grievances will be looked at by management.









“The Community Development Unit collaborates with Ghana Fire Service to educate market women at the Ayidiki night market in the Ayawaso Central Municipality.

“The Community Development Unit collaborates with Ghana Fire Service to educate market women at the Ayidiki night market in the Ayawaso Central Municipality.

On 1st September 2021, the Community Development Unit collaborated with a team of fire officers from Abelemkpe Fire Station led by Mr. Theophilus Amega to give an education on Fire Safety. The Education exercise took place at Ayidiki Night Market.

The purpose of the exercise was to educate market women on how to prevent home and market fires and also how to handle a fire out-break. The team also demonstrated to the market women basic fire-fighting methods and skills.

The two major causes of fire out-break in homes were attributed to gas and electricity.