Social Welfare And Community Development

The Department of Social Welfare & Community Development is one of the decentralized departments of Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly whose functions are crucial for the effective implementation of the Social Welfare and Community Development policies and programs.

The department presents the District on issues pertaining to social and community development. It plans, initiates and coordinates community-based projects, day care centres and services for the rehabilitation of the physically challenged.


The Department of Social Welfare and Community Development works in partnership with individuals, groups, families and communities to improve their social wellbeing through their active participation in promoting development with equity.


To take the lead in integrating the disadvantaged, vulnerable and excluded in the mainstream of development.



  1. Facilitate community-based rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
  2. Facilitate the provision of community care services including;
  • Registration of persons with disabilities
  • Implementation the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programme.
  • Assistance to street children, child survival and development.
  • Socio-economic and emotional stability in families.
  1. Facilitate the registration and supervision of the activities of non-governmental organisations in the district.
  2. Register and Monitor early childhood development canter.
  3. Organise literacy and adult education programs.
  4. Teach deprived women in home management and child care.
  5. Offer employable sustainable skills training for the youth.
  6. Identification of existing groups in the district.
  7. Provide extension service agencies, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations.
  8. Mobilized and train voluntary leaders and community based organisations as change agent in the communities.
  9. Facilitate the role out of the child protection toolkits through community entries, meetings and engagements.