The basic job of the store manager hence is to receive the goods and act as a caretaker of the materials and issue them as and when needed .needless to say the store keeping activities does not add any value to the product. In fact it adds to the cost. The organisation has to spend money on space thus expenditure on land other facilities provided such as electricity, people thus salaries and wages, insurance, maintenance cost, stationary, communication, expenses and cost to maintain the inventory.


  1. Receiving of incoming consignments (goods)
  2. Safe keeping of goods (custody)
  3. Disposal of undesirable goods
  4. Inventory management
  5. Thus e-keeping and records management

It all depend on the suitability of lay out design of stores depending upon the nature of terms used by the organisation.

Similarly, for storing costly materials, a closed and restricted type of stores shall be needed.

However, irrespective of the type and layout any stores would have, as starting activities receiving and accounting of incoming goods to the user, as and when needed. A stage comes when materials is needed for use.

Stores thus releases the material from its custody the user department or unit and the process is called ‘’ issue of goods ‘’.

After sometimes it is likely that other partial use, some material, having unable value in future or returned to store and thus they also become part of the custody again. This is when disposal of items comes in and process are followed for such items are disposed depending on the nature of items.

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Ag. Store officer