ACMA NCCE Smart Governors’ Constitution Quiz Competition

ACMA NCCE Smart Governors’ Constitution Quiz Competition

In a bid to inculcate in the citizenry the awareness of the 1992 constitution and to test their knowledge on its contents, the Municipal Directortae of the NCCE with the support of the Municipal Assembly organized a Smart Governor’s Constitution Quiz Competition in the Municipality on 29th September, 2022 at the Redemption Presby Church, Kokomlemle.

NCCE Municipal Director


The NCCE Municipal Director, Rhoda Akueteh in a Welcome Address stated the purpose of the Competition as an avenue to educate young ones on the Constitution and not to name or shame anyone as it aims to encourage them to learn and be abreast with the content of the constitution which is the supreme law of the land and advised that all and sundry be it young or old get acquainted with its knowledge.


Participating in the maiden quiz competition was the following schools; Barnes Memorial institute, Providence School Limited, Winners International School and Gracedew International School

It was an interesting three-round competition. Round one had questions on the Constitution, round two was on true or false questions and also touched on the chapters of the 1992 Constitution. The final Round being Current affairs, witnessed questions from Ghana, Africa and the World at large.

The events witnessed an enthusiastic preparation and participation from all the schools but as every competition comes off with a winner; Winners International school emerged as the champions with 78 points qualifying to represent the Municipality in the zonal Smart Governors’ constitution quiz competition. Barnes Memorial School was second with an amazing 58 points, Gracedew came third with 51 points and Providence School Ltd was fourth with 45 points.

Some Dignitaries at the High table


To seal the celebration and excitement, the schools were awarded with a beautiful citation each, Copies of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, some exercise books with all twelve contestants also receiving certificates of Participation and finally, the winner was awarded a beautiful trophy.

Madam Felicia Adu-Mensah a representative of the GES Municipal Director expressed her joy of seeing the young ones exhibit their knowledge on the constitution through the quiz organized. She applauded the NCCE for the programme and asked that more schools be encouraged to avail themselves to participate in such educational programmes. She also congratulated all the schools especially the winners for a good fight and emerging victorious.




The NCCE Municipal Director as well teachers and students expressed their sincerest gratitude to the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly headed by Hon. Mohamed Quaye for the tremendous support in making the programme a reality










Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly holds training for Livestock Farmers on Dry Season Feeding Management. The Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture held a training workshop for livestock farmers on how to feed their livestocks during dry seasons.

The training, held on 26th September 2022 at Kotobabi was geard towards ensuring the continuous production of livestock even in challenging seasons.



The Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly collaborated with the kokomlemle chief’s palace and municipal health directorate to organize a one-day HIV screening during the Homowo traditional procession, the program took place on the 10th September 2022, this saw a total number of sixty-two (62) people who took part in the exercise, the activity included screening for high blood pressure, weight, HIV screening, distribution of condom.



The department on the 2nd September, 2022 engaged the women group at the Al-Rashad Mosque at Accra Newtown after their Friday prayers on the topic Gender mainstream and parental responsibility, the exercise was aimed at educating the women on the need to involve both sexes at home to actively engage all sexes of children in daily chores to enable for equity share of responsibility from the girl child.



The Department of Social Welfare and Community Development(SWCD) in collaboration with the Municipal Health Directorate of the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly on the 6th of July held a program to sensitize the aged on good nutrition.

The program which took place on the premises of the assembly was to educate the elderly on how they could eat healthy meals for a stronger, healthier and longer lives.

The program begun with a brief child protection education by an officer from the SWCD Department. The circle of support was the activity undertaken. Participants were enlightened on the need to support the development and growth of children with love and care as they were gift from God,

According to the officer; It was difficult for a child to handle a number of problems at the same time. Therefore, community members had to` work together to help reduce these problems children face so they can be assured of a safe and protective environment.

During the discussion, some people out of the number present were selected to participate in the practical aspect of circle support to give a vivid and pictorial picture of the education. Some other topics including “consequences of child neglect and its effect on society” was also discussed among others.

The facilitator from the Health Directorate explained that as human beings, our bodies begin to change overtime due to growth. As we become older, the foods and drinks that make up a healthy diet should be slightly different from when we were younger. She identified cancer, cardiovascular, hypertension and diabetes as diseases that are most common in old age in our part of this world. People over 50 years should be mindful of what they can eat and what to avoid in order to prevent or tame sicknesses. It was explained that they should eat on time, eat a balanced diet, drink enough water and have adequate rest. People with peculiar sickness should restrict themselves to particular foods and fruits. An example is a diabetic patient should take in less mangoes or bananas as it tends to contain more sugar which rises the blood sugar level but rather take in more of apples and avocado pears. A diabetic patient should include whole grains and protein foods such as wheat, oats, fish and beans in their menus. A hypertensive patient should have less salt in their meals and avoid alcohol as these items increases blood pressure.

Participants listening to the nutritionist

They were advised to eat locally prepared foods such as local rice, tubani, salad, yam, kontomire, garden eggs plantain, dry fish and egg and also to avoid too much sugar and salt intake. The officer also advised them to take more fruits and vegetables. They should also try to drink about 6-8 cups of water a day. Eating Fruits and vegetables may put a person at lower risk of developing heart disease and cancer. They should also avoid more canned, junk foods, fatty foods such as meat and spices but rather use the natural spices.

A health screening was done alongside the education to check the weight, Blood pressure, sugar and BMI of participants. They were also duly counselled based on the outcomes of their individual tests.

Lastly, they should try to exercise regularly through walking and not staying at a particular place for longer periods.

There was also a food bazaar with different kinds of foods and local drinks displayed to choose from such as waakye, apapransa with crab, local jollof rice, plantain with kontomire stew, yam with garden egg stew, salad. The drinks included sobolo, lamuji, and asana.
In attendance were 33 elderly people of which 27 were females and 6 males

Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly organizes training For Women and Youth In Small Livestock Production

Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly organizes training For Women and Youth In Small Livestock Production

Department of Agriculture in the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly on 7th July,2022, holds a training workshop for women and Youth into Small livestock production at Kotobabi.

As part of promoting the Government’s initiative of rearing for food and jobs(RFJ), the department of Agriculture organised a training workshop to educate and sensitize women and the youth who are into small livestock production(small ruminate and cockerel).

This was to also aid in the capacity building of women and youth within the Municipality into rearing of small livestocks as an extra means of livelihood.



The Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly on its bid to curb the engagement of children in gaming and gambling activities tasked the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development to undertake some periodic monitoring of Gaming and Betting Centers within the Municipality.

Following this directive, the Department undertook a 3-day monitoring which commenced on the 27th to 29th of June 2022 and it was aimed specifically at ensuring complete compliance of these centers to the dictates of the Gaming Act (2006) Act 121 as well as to caution the operators of the centers to disallow children from engaging in gaming, betting and related activities.

The Team visited a total of twelve (12) sports betting centers which have their activities regulated by the Gaming Commission of Ghana. It was realized that eleven (11) number out of the 12 visited had their licenses with only one (1) having a valid license.

No child was seen in any of the centers as children were prevented from accessing these facilities through the use of notices and the services of employed bouncers according to the operators.

Children found in game centers

Again the team visited a total of sixteen (16) gaming centers. Fourteen (14) being jackpot machine operators and two (2) being internet gaming centers. None of the centers visited had a valid license for operation and three (3) of these centers had children loitering around their premises.

The Team had further interactions with community members and it was noted that the centers were mostly patronized in the evening and night by children of school going age.

The leader of the team disclosed the next line of action being issuance of warning letters to operators to caution them on the engagement of children in their activities.

Education on the Right To Information Law for Assembly Members and Staff of ACMA

Education on the Right To Information Law for Assembly Members and Staff of ACMA

As part of Government effort to promote and implement the Right to Information Act 989, Act (2019)
The Right to Information Unit of the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly (ACMA) in collaboration with the Access to Information division (ATI) of the Information Services Department (ISD), Ministry of Information on Wednesday, 1st June 2022 educated its Management staff and Hon. Assembly Members of the assembly on the Right to Information Law.

The sensitization Education started with a welcome address from the Municipal Coordinating Director of the Assembly Mrs. Eugenia Akpohor Agbenyegah who indicates the purpose of the education saying that “we are here to familiarize ourselves with the provisions of the RTI Act 989 and also consider the role of members of staff in providing factual information to the public.

Facilitators of the training Mr Senanu Nyadro and Mr. Aliu Zeberu who are Principal Information Officers with the division took time to expound on the topics of the Background, application process, Exemptions and the decision of the Commission on the Right to Information Act.

The sensitization Information participants about the details of the of the implementation as stated in the constitutional right to Information held by public institutions, subject to the exemptions that are necessary and consistent with the protection of public interest in a democratic society.

The Education also saw and interactive session where participants had the opportunity to ask questions and make contributions to the conversation.

Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly Embarks on Hazard Mapping Activities

Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly Embarks on Hazard Mapping Activities

The NADMO Department of the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly begins warning campaigns to sensitize people living in unauthorised structures around flood prone areas within the Municipality.

This action took place from the 10th to 19th May 2022 as part of the early flood warnings and measures laid down to prevent major flooding in the Municipality.

In other for the goals of this Sensitization to be met, NADMO officials has began a hazard mapping activity to identify unapproved structures along major drains within flood prone areas.