President of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo Commissions the Alajo Astro turf in the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly.

President of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo Commissions the Alajo Astro turf in the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly.

Joining the President to commission the astro turf was Ministry of Youth and Sports Minister Hon. Mustapha Ussif, Greater Accra Regional Minister Henry Quartey, Coastal Development Authority Director, Alajo Mantse, Greater Accra Mayor among others.

Speaking at the official opening Sports Minister Hon. Ussif said: ” The Alajo community has today joined the privilege list of communities with astro turf in the country. And without doubt this facility will go a long way to provide sports within the community and also offer a perfect platform for other recreational activities,”

Greater Accra Regional Minister Hon. Quartey also spoke: “The Sports Minister is here and can testify that the national team most of the players come from Zongo communities. So we want to play football here so that we can also get Partey from here. And get other professionals from here. I went to beg the President and Vice President that my community needs an astro turf. I was successful and the long and short of the matter is that today the astro turf has come to existence,”

President Akufo Addo lauded all those involved in completing the project. “The facility lobbied by Hon. Henry Quartey was constructed by the infrastructure for eradication of poverty program under the Coastal Development Authority (CODA) which is headed by youthful chief executive one of your own Jerry Ahmed Shaibu. Ladies and Gentlemen as you all know football is a great passion for our people Ghanaians are not only obsessed about our domestic league and the fortunes of our national teams. Thanks to satellite tv they are also avid watchers of the great leagues of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Ayawaso Central alone has unearthed several footballing geniuses in our nation such as Anas Seidu, Mohammed Klutse, Abedi Pele, Osei Kuffour, Yaw Preko, and Mohammed Kudus. We want to see more Mohammed Kudus, Abedi Peles been discovered that is why the development of sporting infrastructure around the country is crucial to this end,”

Alajo XI took on a select XI which included Stephen Appiah, Jerry Akaminko, Charles Taylor, John Paintsil, Prince Tagoe, Fatua Dauda, Godwin Attram, Dan Quaye, Haminu Dramani, Emmanuel Agyeman Badu, among others.

Acma Goes Traditional 2023

Acma Goes Traditional 2023

Acma Goes Traditional is a yearly program that is established to promote our traditional made in Ghana outfits.
This activity involves all staff of Acma wearing their traditional clothing that depicts the tribes they come from. We can see that our way of dressing is gearing too much towards the western styles. It is time to promote made in Ghana traditional wears for the world to see our rich and beautiful native outfits.

We know that every tribe have their unique way of dressing. These beautiful traditional wears can be worn to any occasion.
Every month of March, being the independence month and also wear Ghana month, let all staff in Acma dress to promote and express their traditional pride.

Annually, we are going to do this activity to promote made in Ghana traditional dresses.
These dresses are so colourful and beautiful that even foreigners love to wear. So let us do all we can to promote our made in Ghana traditional dresses for the world to see.



The Ayawaso central municipal Assembly on the 7th December,2022 transferred the 79th and 80th cash grant to its LEAP households, it has eight (8) beneficiary households within its twelve electoral areas they are currently receiving cash transfer under the LEAP program



The Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly collaborated with the Municipal Health Directorate to commence the celebration of the


The theme for the celebration was,


The activity started from 1st to 3rd December, 2022.HIV/AIDS is on the increase especially within the greater Accra region which has its percentage 2.3 % higher than the national percentage at 3.4 % and national at 2.4%, as a result of these alarming realization the assembly embarked on counselling and testing at circle and at kokomlemle ATTC school park, during the celebration of 2022 Farmers Day and also at the Attah nii park at Nkansah Djan



The Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly has celebrated its edition of 38 th National Farmers
Day at the Accra Technical Training Centre in Accra. The celebration was the Assembly’s 3 rd
edition since its inception in February, 2019.
Speaking at the programme, the Municipal Chief Executive of the Ayawaso Central Municipal
Assembly, Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Ababio Quaye said, as we are all aware, the first Friday of
December in every year has been set aside to celebrate and recognize hardworking farmers and
fisher folks as well as all those involved in the Agriculture value chain who have contributed
tremendously towards the socio-economic growth of our dear nation.

He said, it is therefore not out of place that Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly has joined the
nation in this solemn occasion to highlight and appreciate our hardworking farmers and all those
who have contributed their quota to the Agricultural progression of this Municipality and the
Country as a whole.
The MCE therefore congratulated all the winners for this year’s celebration. He expressed his
heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated farmers and all those involved in the Agriculture value chain
who against all odds put in their exhaustive energy to offer the desired food security to this
Nation and also sustain our industrial machinery over the years.

Touching on this year’s theme for the celebration which is “Accelerating Agricultural
Development through Value Addition”, Hon. Alhaji Quaye said, the theme has carefully been
selected to reflect the continuing needs to improve agriculture in the country.
He however used the opportunity to call for the support of the planting for Food and Jobs agenda
by the government to help products and add value to it. He urged Ghanaians to consume more of
what we produce in Ghana to improve our economic well-being as a country.
The MCE made known that other interventions by the the Assembly and the Municipal
Agricultural Directorate include training of livestock farmers in feed formulation, training
market women in food safety and hygiene, Training Crop Farmers on climate change mitigating
measures, Vaccination of small ruminants against PPR as well as vaccination of Cats and Dogs
against rabies which is currently ongoing in the Municipality.
He said, despite Ayawaso Central not being a tradition farming community due to insufficient
land, the Assembly still supports residents, especially the youth to venture into backyard
farming, vertical, poultry farming, rabbit and grass cutter farming, snail farming, mushroom
farming, fish farming as well as agro-processing and value addition to agricultural products.
The Municipal Director of Agriculture in Ayawaso Central, Mrs. Martina Mensah in her address
said, “if we can locally produce what we eat and consume what we produce and possibly add
value to our produce, it will enhance our socio-economic well-being as people”. ‘It is therefore

imperative that we take advantage of all resources at our disposal which include the little spaces
on our compounds and in our backyards coupled with the technical assistance from the
Municipal Agricultural Directorate to produce food and subsequently add value to it irrespective
of the quantities’’, she stated.

She continued that, it is extremely gratifying that we as Ghanaians have deemed it worthy to
honor our men and women who through discipline and hard work, have excelled in their various
fields of endeavor. “We want you farmers and all those involved in the agricultural value chain
herein gathered to know that we appreciate your efforts, endeavors, perseverance and
determination to success”.
The Agric Director expressed her gratitude to everyone who in diverse ways contributed to make
the Farmers’ Day celebration a reality. “Making an occasion like this come to a reality could not
have been the singular effort of an individual or institution, but a network of collaborators”, she
stated. She thanked all donors and wished them success in their businesses so that they could
support again in the future when they are called to do so.
Mrs. Mensah also expressed her gratitude to the Municipal Assembly for its staunch and
unyielding support. “To the members of the Farmers’ Day Planning Committee, I say kudos for
your hard work and commitment”. She also wished the Award winners well and advised them to
keep their focus on higher laurels beyond the Municipality and never relent in their efforts. “And
to the non-award winners, I say don’t give up, put the past behind you and press forward”, She
A 39 year old Carlos Selassie Yaotse who is a catfish, snail and local birds farmer was adjudged
the Overall Best Municipal Farmer.

For his prize, he took home a tricycle, Water tank, wheel
barrow, knapsack sprayer, Wellington boots and other farming implements. The best Woman
farmer was Hajia Alima Nabbah

and she also took home Water tank, wheel barrow, knapsack
sprayer, Wellington boots and other farming tools. The best Municipal Poultry farmer also went
to Mr. David Nii Tetteh Ahinakwa. He took home Water storage tank, Deep Freezer, Wheel
barrow, knapsack sprayer, Wellington boots, feed mash and other farming materials. The best
Institution in Agric went to Abavanna Cluster of schools. They received Water storage tank,
wheel barrow, knapsack sprayer, Wellington boots, Agro chemicals, fertilizers, seeds and other
farming tools. The best Youth in Agric went to Adams Arafat who also took home Water
Storage Tank, Wheel barrow, Knapsack Sprayer, Wellington boots, Table Top Fridge and other
farming tools.

Dignitaries who graced the occasion were the New Town Chief, Nii Aduananko II, the Kotobabi
Chief Commander, Madam Augustina Enti, the Nima Divisional Commander, Mr. Eric Asiedu
and the Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Julius Kuunuor.

Report by:
Miss Ivy N.A.A. Quansah
(Mun. Information Officer)



1.0 Background

As part of the mandate of the office of Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) to promote and implement government policies at the local level, deliver quality public services, and improve social inclusion, the MCE engages the various communities in the Municipality in order to fully realize harnessing the potentials of the Assembly for growth.

2.0 The objective of the MCE’s Community Engagement

The objectives of the engagement are;

  • Interact with the chiefs and people of the communities to get firsthand information on the challenges they face and how best the Assembly can address them
  • Sensitize the community members on their rights in order to highlight the need to increase participation in the Assembly’s activities
  • Highlight and promote partnerships with business enterprises in the Municipality


3.0 Opening of the forum

The facilitator commended the leadership of circle traders for engaging their members to heed to the call of Hon. the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE).

The chairman of the circle pioneers welcomed the MCE and his officers to circle, the hub of trade in the Municipality. He expressed his joy and that of the traders to receive the representative of the President of the Republic of Ghana.


3.1 Remarks by the Municipal Coordinating Director

The Municipal Coordinating Director thanked the leadership of the traders for giving the Assembly the opportunity to engage with them. She used the opportunity to welcome them to the meeting and indicated the Assembly’s continuous support to the cause of the Municipality in general. She added that circle is a huge place for trade, and it is the Assembly’s plan to engage them to offer the see growth of business.

4.0 Remarks by the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Quaye

The Hon. Municipal Chief Executive thanked the leadership of the market, participants and all stakeholders who made it to the engagement session with the circle traders.

He further indicated that he is instructed by law, especially the Local Governance Act, 2016 (Act 936) to engage all stakeholders in the Municipality to put together all needs and aspirations of the people in the communities, and profess lasting solutions to curb them.

He further indicated that his office is bent on allocating time to discuss issues of development pertaining circle trade.

He urged participants to take interest in partaking effectively in the forum to open the floodgate of bringing for new proposals that would encourage sustainable solutions to the challenges.

The Municipal Chief Executive made a short presentation on the achievement of the Assembly as follows:

4.1 Programmes Implemented Since Establishment

The Municipal Chief Executive also briefed the traders on some of the projects and programmes the Assembly has implemented over the period of its existence. He added that the Assembly is doing a lot with tolls it collects from traders. He therefore encouraged each and every one to do his/her best to pay, since the little put together could be used to undertake more developmental project.  He highlighted some of the projects and programmes that Assembly has been able to implement since its establishment. Among them were;

  • Construction of storm drains
  • Construction of U-drains
  • Maintenance works at the Mallam Atta Market
  • Installation of metal gates at the Mallam Atta Market
  • Maintenance of Street Lights across the Municipality
  • Construction of Fence Walls at some Basic Schools
  • Provision of Water Storage Facilities
  • Construction of 4-storey Assembly office complex
  • Classroom blocks for some basic school (including KG blocks)
  • Disbursement of the PWD component of DACF
  • Settle Child non-maintenance cases
  • Sensitization programs on good hygiene practices
  • Distribution of furniture to GES office and schools
  • Facilitate the formation of reading clubs in schools
  • Enforcing the construction of household toilet facilities
  • Screening food handlers to ensure safety


In his conclusion, he urged participants to consciously assist the Assembly to deliver the best for the Municipality to enhance the livelihood of the good people of Ayawaso Central Municipality.

5.0 Concerns raised by traders of circle

  • A complaint was made about the fencing at Circle. They asserted that the fencing hinders them from making enough sales as it prevents customers from coming there.
  • A further complaint was made about the fencing. This was about the municipal assembly hesitating to deal with some victims who had cut down the fence made by the assembly while other victims have been arrested.
  • Sanitation- Circle No. 2 executives expressed that the assembly should ensure that municipal members take part in the sanitation day set by the government.
  • The traders addressed the assembly members on the unit committee’s failure to provide the necessary tools for the clean-up exercise despite preventing them from selling on such days.
  • The traders raised concerns about the provision of dustbins to improve sanitation
  • A complaint was raised about the refusal of the assembly to collect the sand in the gutters after they have been distilled
  • The traders expressed their grievance about the assembly using force to collect BOPs after some months of being reluctant in collecting the BOPs.

6.0 Responses by the Assembly

  • The MCE told traders not to hesitate to point out victims who cut down fences so they can be dealt with. He addressed the fact that the assembly always tries to deal with all victims without favoritism
  • The MCD made it clear that completely taking away the fences can affect sanitation. However, since such a complaint has been raised they are going to sit as an assembly to find a solution to their problem
  • The MCE added that traders were not supposed to be selling at some locations and it was the reason for the fencing. He advised traders to adhere to regulations
  • The MIS officer told traders not to be waiting for officials before they make the payment but they should make it a point to come to the assembly to pay.
  • In addressing the concern about the billing of items, the Budget Officer made it clear that the sizes of the shops do not matter in terms of billing. The billing of items differs though the shops may be of the same size
  • The MCE asserted that the assembly does not have a place to relocate traders who sell by the roadside. In addressing their complaint, he advised that they speak to the shop owners in order to figure a way out
  • The MEHO asked traders to play their part in selecting a preferred dustbin so they can continue from there as an assembly.

7.0 Recommendations by the traders

  • A trader suggested that the assembly publicly updates them on billing amounts in order to increase awareness of the amounts they need to pay
  • Traders who sell by the roadside pleaded with the assembly not to sack them because they have nowhere to sell. They suggested that the assembly relocates them.
  • The trader pleaded with the assembly to always see to it that projects are completed

8.0 Closing

In his Closing remarks, the Hon. MCE thanked the leadership of circle traders for their participation. He assured them that their concerns will be prioritized in order to offer solutions to them.



The Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly on Thursday, 24th November, 2022 disbursed the disability common fund to forty-two (42) registered, vetted and approved Persons with Disability (PWDs).

Out of the amount, forty-two (42) PWDs benefitted from the following

Inspection On Expired Goods at Mallam Atta Market

Inspection On Expired Goods at Mallam Atta Market

The NADMO Department of the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly on 23rd November, 2022, visited some shops at the Mallam Atta Market to inspect expired goods.

This was to ensure that consumers are protected and safe. Again, the exercise was aimed at avoiding diseases on consumers in and out of the Municipality.