Acma Goes Traditional 2023

Acma Goes Traditional 2023

Acma Goes Traditional is a yearly program that is established to promote our traditional made in Ghana outfits.
This activity involves all staff of Acma wearing their traditional clothing that depicts the tribes they come from. We can see that our way of dressing is gearing too much towards the western styles. It is time to promote made in Ghana traditional wears for the world to see our rich and beautiful native outfits.

We know that every tribe have their unique way of dressing. These beautiful traditional wears can be worn to any occasion.
Every month of March, being the independence month and also wear Ghana month, let all staff in Acma dress to promote and express their traditional pride.

Annually, we are going to do this activity to promote made in Ghana traditional dresses.
These dresses are so colourful and beautiful that even foreigners love to wear. So let us do all we can to promote our made in Ghana traditional dresses for the world to see.

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